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Driven by Excellence, Inside Izzy Assenoca’s World of Pristine Auto Detailing

Meet Izzy Assenoca, the brilliant mind behind New Image Auto Spa’s outstanding success. For over 35 years, Izzy has been a true master in the art of auto detailing. His meticulous approach to his craft is akin to that of a jeweler, carefully setting each car with unparalleled precision and care.

Starting with a thriving auto body shop in Los Angeles, Izzy honed his skills in paint restoration and protective coatings. He took immense pride in witnessing cars leave his shop with a luster that rivaled their first day on the road.

Izzy’s winning strategy is no secret. It lies in the exceptional care he provides to his customers and his dedicated team. He orchestrates a symphony of achievements, with satisfied customers taking the lead and his committed crew providing the perfect backdrop.

In the scorching heat of Las Vegas, an enticing opportunity beckoned Izzy—a chance to establish a full-service hand car wash in the cool lower levels of Tivoli Village. The challenge excited him: conquering the desert’s dust and blistering heat, which could easily diminish the results of a meticulous hand wash.

Then came his “aha” moment. Izzy realized the struggle faced by professional detailers working in sweltering 100-degree weather. Guided by his unwavering instinct to prioritize people, whether they were satisfied customers or his devoted staff, Izzy transformed the environment and created a thriving haven where even the most discerning auto collectors and casual motorists would feel welcome.

At New Image Auto Spa, Izzy and his dedicated team invite you to Tivoli Village. Take a moment to relax and soak in the atmosphere as they restore your vehicle’s shine to perfection. Step into the world of New Image Auto Spa and experience the noticeable difference that sets it apart from other automatic car washes.