Frequently Asked Questions

How is a hand car wash better than an automated car wash?

At New Image Auto Spa, our expert team takes utmost care while washing your vehicle, offering a level of attention that automated car washes can’t match. Hand washing allows for a more thorough cleaning, diminishing the chances of damage and reaching those hard-to-clean spots.

How long does a complete hand car wash service usually take at your auto spa?

Depending on the particular needs of your vehicle, a complete hand wash service typically takes between 45 minutes to an hour. This allows our team to provide a comprehensive and thorough wash.

Do I need to book an appointment for a hand car wash?

While we do accept walk-ins, booking an appointment helps us ensure your vehicle gets prompt attention and reduces your wait time.

What kind of soaps and cleaning products do you use for hand car washing?

At New Image Auto Spa, we use pH-balanced, biodegradable, and car-safe soaps and cleaning products ensuring maximum safety and shine for your vehicle.

Can your hand car wash service handle luxury or exotic cars?

Absolutely. Our staff is expertly trained and has 35 years of experience working with various models, including luxury and exotic cars.

Can your hand car wash remove stubborn stains, bugs, or tar?

Yes. Our detailed hand wash process targets stubborn stains, bugs, and tar, leaving your vehicle’s surface clean and smooth.

How does the extreme Las Vegas weather affect car wash services?

Through our unique location in the subterranean level of Tivoli Village, we mitigate the challenges posed by Las Vegas’s hot weather, thus ensuring quality hand car wash services.

Does New Image Auto Spa offer interior cleaning as part of the hand wash service?

We provide a range of services apart from hand washing. Interior cleaning, however, is a separate service, which can be combined with hand washing depending on your requirement.

How often should I get my car hand washed?

Frequency depends on your vehicle’s exposure to dirt, dust, and weather elements. Generally, a bi-weekly wash is suggested for maintaining cleanliness and shine.

Are hand car wash methods at New Image Auto Spa safe for my vehicle's paint?

Absolutely! Our hand wash techniques, coupled with high-quality cleaning products, are designed to safeguard your vehicle’s paint, leaving a clean, shiny, and unscratched surface.